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Room of the Week

March 9, 2015

This week’s Room of the Week is a smart bedroom which features a modern panelled wall. Traditional style panelling has been given a contemporary look by finishing it in a dark grey. The monochrome scheme dominates the room but it is softened by adding bright orange furniture.

A monochrome decorating style is easy to pull together but you need to add some details to make it a successful scheme. Pattern and texture are key to doing this. Try to ensure you have a mixture of textures in your room, this room features stripes and patterned fabric – and textures in the dark bedspread and leather chair.

One of my favourite darks is Lamp Black from Little Greene. I’m not a fan of really dark greys that are almost black for walls, they are too dull and dead for my interiors. I prefer to lighten it up a few shades but still be firmly on the dark side. Lamp Black meets my criteria, it’s perfect if you want to go dark in style – I’ve just specified this colour for a master bedroom project.

Little Greene : Lamp Black

Adding other colour to a monochrome room by the use of furniture adds another level of detail to the room. It is also provide you with another aspect of your decoration scheme to pick up. The new cube range from Kelly Hoppen is available in a range of sizes and styles, and over 10 colours. If you’ve chosen a grey scheme the orange or pink cubes would be perfect for adding a pop of colour.

Remember to plan your own monochrome room carefully to ensure it is a success. Try to include different textures and some pattern – add a splash of extra colour – and your room will be a winner!

This room was originally featured in the extensive galleries of House to Home. Take a look over at their website for room inspiration, and be sure to check back here every week to find which one of the rooms has been showcased.

Maggie’s – helping cancer patients through good design

March 6, 2015

Great design isn’t just about making things pretty and creating that ‘wow’ factor everyone wants. Through well executed design you can actually enhance people’s lives and help them through troubled times. This has been demonstrated in the centres of Maggie’s, a charity which offers free support to people with cancer and their friends and family.

My own battle against cancer started when I was diagnosed with cancer in my knee bone when I was just 18. I endured many months of chemotherapy and life changing surgery but 27 years later I’m a proud survivor. Back in the 1980’s, although I cannot fault the treatment and care I received, the concept of using great design in health centres didn’t exist. It was therefore really interesting to visit Maggie’s West London centre recently to see how times have changed.

Maggie's West London

Maggie’s was founded in 1995 by Maggie Keswick Jencks and her husband Charles Jencks who is a landscape architect. Maggie lived with advanced cancer for 2 years and was determined that people with cancer should not ‘lose the joy of living in the fear of dying’. The first centre opened in November 1996 and there are currently 18 centres around the country. The charity is now run by Laura Lee who was Maggie’s Oncology Nurse.

Maggie's West London

Every Maggie’s centre follows the blueprint for a different type of cancer care as laid down by Maggie. At the heart of each centre there is a large kitchen table where people can gather and just talk, laugh, cry – while enjoying tea and biscuits! I know from my own experience that talking to others going through the same process is a great help.

Maggie's West London

Another principle is that there is no reception desk in the centre, any time it is open you can walk in and someone will greet you. Within the open space of the centre you will also find many more intimate areas that can be used for informal meetings or some time for personal reflection. One of my favourite places is a small space at the end of a corridor where you will find one chair in a quiet area with views over the courtyard – a perfect space to sit and contemplate.

The charity’s centre in West London was the sixth Maggie’s built when it opened in April 2008. Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners the centre sits quietly in a corner of the grounds of the Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith. The design was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize & Award for London 2009, and after just a few minutes in the centre you can appreciate how well designed it is. Although located on the busy Fulham Place Road the world outside is forgotten due to the peaceful calming nature of the centre.

Maggie's West London

You soon realise how many trends of today appear in the centre. There is extensive use of concrete in the centre – this is now very fashionable to use in residential interiors. I also found a Scandinavian influence in some of the rooms which feature Secto Design lamps with wooden strip shades. And with interiors becoming more colourful you can’t miss the bold orange used on the exterior of the building.

Maggie's West London

The centre includes three courtyard gardens to allow visitors to get outdoors when the weather allows. Dan Pearson Studio was responsible for the landscape architecture of the centre which features evergreen bamboos, lush grasses and much more! Throughout the year the centre’s horticulturist works with visitors to maintain the gardens, a very therapeutic activity. You immediately get a sense of activity (participation is voluntary!) at the centre – on the day we visited a men’s group was meeting for the weekly group session which includes time in the gym and a communal lunch. The internal configuration of the rooms allows for a flexible layout so on another day two rooms are combined to create space for a Tai Chi class.

Maggie's West London

Maggie’s West London Centre is many things to many people. You don’t need an appointment, you just drop in and someone will be there for you. Maybe you need to learn more about your cancer, or are helping a family member on their own battle. You might call in the centre for support from health professionals   or you just fancy a cup of tea and biscuit at the kitchen table and a moan to people who will understand you.

You can find more information at Maggie’s website about the work. Surprisingly only 10% of the UK population know about Maggie’s centres so please help spread the word by sharing this post – and remember when you need them they will be there for you, just walk in.

Keir Townsend Belle lights

March 4, 2015

Planning a new interior for your home? Know what one of the first things you need to think about is? Lighting! On the first fix of a renovation you need to decide where your feature lights will be and get cables in the right place to avoid costly changes later. This is also the time to explore different options for your lighting and discover new fittings.

The latest Belle and Belle Small fittings from Keir Townsend would make a great feature in any room especially if installed in a cluster like this. They are manufactured in ceramic with the exterior available in three finishes. The braided cord adds another layer of detail to the design.

Keir Townsend

The fitting is available in two sizes, the Belle small has a diameter of 30cm – the Belle is oversized with a diameter of 45cm. Mixing up the two sizes would be a lovely signature light installation over a dining table – and the style would work equally well in a modern or traditional interior.

Keir Townsend

You can head over to the Keir Townsend website to find more information about their products. If you are renovating to create the home of your dreams these fittings would definitely enhance your interior. Check out the stunning polished bronze finish available – it’s not cheap but lighting is one place you should invest in for your home, and you can always take it with you when you move!

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Room of the Week

March 2, 2015

This week’s Room of the Week is a modern living room decorated with shades of blue and an accent feature wallpaper. As featured recently on our blog strong blue is making a huge comeback into interiors with many paint companies promoting new colours in their range. Over dinner this week someone asked me how they could decorate with blue without it looking cold – today we are sharing a couple of tricks to ensure you’ll never have a room with a chilly interior.

The strong large print wallpaper in our Room of the Week adds detail and interest to the interior. The colour of this is complemented by furniture in a blue fabric – this fabric has an interesting texture to avoid it becoming dull. You can just see small touches of more complementary colour in the orange flowers in the room – this colour addition helps to diffuse the blues in the room hence no coolness.

Many people have a misconception that all blues are cold. This isn’t true, choose the right one and your room can still appear comforting and homely. I often prefer blues that have a touch of green in them, it can help to warm them up. Little Greene Canton is a super colour for living room, it has a great depth and doesn’t feel cold. For adding some strong accents you can use Little Green Thai Sapphire to compliment Canton.

Little Greene: Canton - Thai Sapphire

Another way I like to add blue to an interior is through the use of patterned wallpaper. This allows you to add a softer blue due to the paper finish. This wallpaper from Cole & Son called Great Wave has a large scale pattern and would add a subtle touch of blue to an interior. I’d suggest this wallpaper is used with some stronger blues to supplement it. The blue white combination in this paper is also very calming.

Cole & Son

If you still aren’t ready to believe you can have blues that aren’t cold try adding some blue in your accessories first. This allows you to test the colour in your own home before you start decorating the walls. This rug from Stepevi would liven up any interior. Any coolness is banished by the richness of the texture in the rug.


This room was originally featured in the extensive galleries of House to Home. Take a look over at their website for room inspiration, and be sure to check back here every week to find which one of the rooms has been showcased.

Baines&Fricker furniture

February 27, 2015

It’s just a few months until Clerkenwell Design Week in May and I’m excited to see that Baines&Fricker will be exhibiting for the first time this year. They will be showing two new furniture ranges.

Baines&Fricker was started in 2011 by a Brighton based husband and wife team, Steve Baines is a furniture maker and his wife Eliza Fricker is an illustrator and screen printer. I already love some of their wallpaper, especially the Bird Cages design, so it’s great to see their range expanding with more furniture.

Baines & Fricker

The new Pew range obviously draws influence from the pew bench seating found in churches. I like the simplicity of this range and it would look good in any style of interior. The unstained Raw finish has a classic look to it and would make a great hallway seat for a classically styled interior. My favourite finish though is the colour stained versions of the Pew range. In an all white interior a couple of Pew chairs in the vibrant blue would make a great talking point.

Baines & Fricker

The other new range launching is the Ply range. The aim of this range was to develop a chair that was striped back to its simplest panes but with a refined form. Inspiration for this form was found in a poster from a 1935 exhibition in Zurich. Plywood has a natural warmth but is also has good sustainability and durability properties. Adding optional upholstered pads in bright Kvadrat fabric will allow you to add colour to this range.

Baines & Fricker

I’m really looking forward to seeing – and obviously road testing – these products in person at Clerkenwell in May. If you can’t wait until then head over to the Baines&Fricker website now and find out more information on the two new ranges.

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Louis Poulsen

February 25, 2015

Louis Poulsen is recognised as one of the leading lighting companies in the world. Founded in 1874 many of the classic light fittings we specify for interior design projects are manufactured by the company. Their range is constantly evolving and they often launch new versions of existing products. This month they are doing just that with the new version of the Collage fitting to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its launch.

Louis Poulsen

The pendant was first launched in 2005 in collaboration with Danish designer, Louise Campbell who is known for her lighting and furniture designs. Since it’s launch the three-layer shade has become a firm favourite with many interior designers and can be found in homes all over the world. Louise drew inspiration from nature and this can be seen in the delicate pattern on the shade.

Louis Poulsen

The new collection of colours is perfect for the grey interiors which are on trend now and supplement the original white matt version of the pendant. When lit Collage makes fascinating shadows in the interior. It is also available with a new matt velour-like finish that adds another level of detail and finish to any interior.

Louis Poulsen

Collage is available in two sizes, 45cm and 60cm in diameter. It would make a great feature above a long dining table, the light produced in the evening would set a perfect mood for dinner. Another good feature is the anti-glare kit that diffuses the light from the pendant and also avoid direct views of the light source – a very important feature for creating the mood.

Head over to the Louis Poulsen website to find out more information – I’m looking forward to specify the new Collage for a project soon.

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Room of the Week

February 23, 2015

This week in the office we are starting work on a kitchen for a client who has just returned from living in a New York loft. After enjoying the American lifestyle the brief is for a kitchen that needs to be streamlined with an industrial look but also very functional. This week’s Room of Week has the perfect style we are looking for.

Many people like to hide everything away in their kitchen and if you are a ‘neat freak’ that’s often the best design decision. If you prefer to adopt open shelving in your kitchen it will bring a new aspect of detailing to your room. The shelving in this kitchen has a natural warmth due to the wood used. Also the amount of shelving ensures the items on it do not look cluttered and are allowed their own space. Top tip though, if you go for open shelving don’t allow it to become a ‘dumping ground’. Receipts, paperwork and opened food packaging will not create the style you are aiming for here.

The fully tiled wall in this kitchen is a very effective way to add character and break up all the painted walls. This home has the luxury of high ceiling which accentuates this feature. Subway style tiles have featured in many interiors recently so to make your choice look different search for tiles out of the ordinary. I’ve specified the Chasseur Brushed range from Original Style for a project recently. With a brushed finish they bring some softness to a room and would create the perfect kitchen splashback.

Original Style : Chasseur Brushed

Bar stools are often a difficult item to choose for a kitchen. Do you go for colour, metal, wood – or a combination? The choice can seem endless but one of the most important things to consider is often comfort. Many beautiful bar stools are actually uncomfortable so don’t be tempted with a cheap online deal, go road test the stool in store before you buy them.

Emeco : Navy Barstool

One of my favourite bar stools is the Emeco Navy barstool. Original designed for use on submarines in 1944 the Navy range has been in production ever since, The stools are comfortable, hard-wearing and guaranteed for life. Although they aren’t the cheapest available the quality is unmistakable – for adding some wow factor to your kitchen this is a classic barstool.

This room was originally featured in the extensive galleries of House to Home. Take a look over at their website for room inspiration, and be sure to check back here every week to find which one of the rooms has been showcased.


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