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Room of the Week – luxurious bedroom

February 22, 2011

This bedroom, featured in the LivingEtc gallery, provides a luxurious bedroom mixing distressed decoration and high-end furnishings.

The bedroom has been decorated and furnished to create a luxurious adults only room.  As the room is large the bed has not been placed against a wall, but instead placed at an angle within the room.  The traditional choice of placing the bed on the wall opposite the fireplace is often taken but if space allows there are no rules.  The distressed look on the walls is in direct contrast to the very high-end luxury bed, manufactured by Aiveen Daly, and covered in a fabulous silk.

A base of pure white bed linen is a great way to start dressing any bed.  The White Company is a very good supplier of bed linen, with shops around the UK and products available online.  They stock bed linen in all price ranges and from go from a basic 200 thread count right up to a luxurious 800 thread count. 

Furniture from Brissi would be a good choice for a luxurious bedroom and they have a large range of distressed furniture that would help recreate this look.  They currently have 5 stores around London and a limited range of their products are also available online.

The bed throw in this bedroom adds a luxurious splash of a deep jewel colour.  This throw from Mulberry and stocked by John Lewis would be perfect for adding colour to a white base, it could also be combined with another throw, for example in grey, to give a multi layered look.  Throw’s and cushions are a great way to add colour to a bedroom but remember that they don’t have to be forever – consider having different items for summer and winter to give a different look and keep your interior fresh

If you choose to strip the floors of your bedroom it is often nice to add a rug to the room.  The Tuareg rug from Heals adds a muted grey to the bedroom which would complement the jewel colours and also create comfort underfoot on cold mornings.

This room has combined distressed walls with a luxury bed and furnishing to achieve a wonderful eclectic mix and a great room to really enjoy.

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