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4 products for 4 rooms – living dining working bathing

March 7, 2011

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. These are products I have usually specified for clients, so I know they work well. There will be 4 products for 4 different rooms.


We recently used the Zara pendant from Mr Light for a residential project in South London.  The pendant is available in two sizes, 40cm or 60cm – we used the larger size in this vivid red to add impact to a double reception room with a very high ceiling.  Importantly the pendant includes a diffuser on the bottom, a must have for light shades but often missing on cheaper versions.




As the warmer weather approaches it is nice to be able to eat outside but unfortunately if you live in a city your outside space is often restricted.  This new table and chair in teak from Heals allows you to store the 4 chairs directly under the table when not in use.  It is inspired by an original Ambrose Heal design from 1923 and is certain to become a classic.



The Anglepoise Type 1228 is the perfect light for a home office.  With a long history they are perfect for a working situation when you need a strong focussed light source.  We recently used the version with the green shade for the home office of an investment banker, it was a perfect complement to his antique banking desk.


If you have spent all your money on your bathroom fittings and tiles, and don’t have much left for accessories then the Savern range from Ikea is just what you need.  We recently used it when renovating a buy to let apartment where the landlord wanted something smart but was keen to contain the budget.  The range includes towel rails, a toiler roll holder, hooks and a soap dispenser – and given the quality of finish it would be a good option for any bathroom, whatever your budget.

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