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4 products for 4 rooms – living dining sleeping bathing

March 28, 2011

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. This post features products I discovered during London Design Week.


These mirrors from Simpson Mirrors allow the TV to be completely hidden behind a mirror when not in use but visible at the flick of a switch.  Disguising a TV is a challenge we often face, this is one of the few solutions to hide it that I actually like and would consider specifying for a client.  



Just launched by Swarovski in association with Fox Linton the new Elements range would be perfect for introducing some sparkle into your dining room.  The wallpaper contains rows of tiny Swarovski crystals and although expensive would be an ideal choice for a feature wall in a dining room.  When light by candlelight the effect would be stunning.



Evitavonni is a new supplier I discovered at Chelsea Harbour with a great range of luxury fabrics, perfect for adding the finishing touches to a bedroom.  They have a wide range of velvets, silk sheers and other fabrics – often combining texture with a gorgeous feel and an ultimate softness.





For the ultimate in luxury tiles Ann Sacks produce a range of tiles featuring gold leaf fused between two pieces of handcrafted glass.  The results are spectacular and they would be perfect for adding a luxe touch to a small cloakroom.  Also available in silver leaf it would work in both a modern or traditional interior.

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  1. April 3, 2011 10:34 pm

    I am not one that normally mediates towards the Bling area of design, preferring the more organic and matt colours but wow how hot would that wall paper be by candle light. It would add such depth to the space.

    Handmade glass tiles – SOLD! I would love to see those Gold tiles mixed with some matt black and a healthy dollop of red.

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