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4 products for 4 rooms – living bathing sleeping bathing

July 18, 2011

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. These are products I have usually specified for clients, so I know they work well. There will be 4 products for 4 different rooms, and as we have been specifying for seven bathrooms recently we have featured the bathroom twice this time!


The trend for living room floors in the past few years has been for a hard surface, usually a wooden floor or stone tiles.  To add a touch of softness to your interior it is good to supplement this finish with a rug.  If your room is large this can easily add significantly to your overall costs so this Ikea rug is a good choice when decorating on a budget.  Available in 3 colours the largest size, 240 x 170cm, costs a very reasonable £159 so it is very affordable and also due to the price easily replaceable in the future.


We have recently specified the gorgeous Brillante Fumè tiles manufactured by FAP Ceramics for a project in Bloomsbury.  Available from Reed Harris the tiles give a very upmarket  look to a bathroom and are complemented by a good range of mosaics and decor tiles.  The pattern in the main tile is very subtle and marble like so it ensure the bathroom has a spa like relaxing appearance.  Add a colourful decor tile or the gorgeous mosaic tiles shown and you have the recipe for a beautifully stylish bathroom.


I have recently discovered the wallpaper of Kreme, a US based company that does offer shipping worldwide.  Their wallpaper falls into 3 collections, California Handicraft and Muse.  The fabulous Birds wallpaper shown, part of the California collection, would add an interesting look to any interior.  It is also available in a yellow and gold combination, and plum and pink if you really want to add a statement to your interior.  The Navy and Tan version shown would be ideal to add a fun element without been too obvious, perfect for a bedroom wall.


The range of bathroom cabinet on the market can be bewildering and unfortunately there is a large amount of poorly made cabinets that will not fare well in a steamy bathroom environment.  Schneider cabinets are a good exception to this rule and very well made, we recently used the Graceline cabinet on a project.  The cabinet includes subtle lighting above and below, and also includes a shaver socket and although more expensive than many other cabinets they are built to last.

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