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Where do you find inspiration?

July 31, 2011

I have taken a short break from blogging over the past couple of weeks to enjoy the summer and travel.  On the two short trips I took away from the office it made me remember how important it is to keep your eyes open when travelling and look for inspiration wherever you are.

I recently stayed at the Grand Hotel Casselbergh in Bruges.  The public rooms have very tall ceilings and are richly decorated.  Although very few of us have this size of room you can still take small elements away and use them in your own interior.  The orange coloured chairs shown are a good example of how to use block colour in a room otherwise dominated by multiple patterns.  This block colour adds depth to the interior in this room.

If you are staying in a city when you are out walking remember to look up, this is often where the architectural gems can be found.  You can also use your camera to take unusual shots of well know landmarks, maybe the view of the Empire State Building from an unusual angle or just a peek of the Eiffel Tower through a hidden vista.

After my city break I spent time at Sandbanks in Poole.  The beach here reminded me that sometimes keeping it simple is best, we don’t always need to design and create a complicated interior.  The colours on the beach, especially around dusk, were sensational and offered another great photographic opportunity.

Wherever you go this summer, be it a grand city tour or simply beach side, try to find inspiration to bring home to your interior.  Adding accessories or photographs to your home from your travels will mean so much more and help keep your holiday memories alive!

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