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Interiors Q&A – designing a bedroom

August 8, 2011

Dear Andrew, Having returned from a stay in a gorgeous hotel suite I realise my own bedroom is cluttered and rather dated – how do I update to create a more luxurious look?

The first thing to do, before you start choosing bed linen etc, is to consider how you actually use your bedroom?  Is it just a place for sleep and relaxation or due to space limitations does it have to serve several functions.  Do you also want to use it for watching television, or for working and studying.  Maybe you like to escape from a busy household and read in your bedroom?  All of these factors will have an impact on the final design.

Then you need to focus on the storage requirement and the actual bed.  Storage in a bedroom is often overlooked but it makes the difference between a room you just sleep in surrounded by clutter and a room you can really enjoy.  Review your storage requirements – is your wardrobe mostly formal clothes so you need hanging space or if it’s mainly casual would drawers be more useful?  If your room is an odd shape fitted furniture will allow you to make use of all areas but don’t try to fit out the whole room as you will feel boxed in, especially with cupboards above the bed.  Freestanding items do give you more flexibility and can allow you to mix styles for an eclectic look, it also allows you to move the furniture around to refresh the look.  The Hemnes range from Ikea offers a great selection of furniture items and in the dark stain shown below forms a good base for creating an upmarket look.

A third of your life is spent sleeping so spend as much as you can on the bed and if space allows always try to choose a king-size bed – the larger size will make it much more comfortable.  One trick I use to make it appear more luxurious is to use a super king-size duvet and bed linen; the extra fabric will appear more plush – and there won’t be fights over the duvet!  Remember to consider the thread count of the bed linen you are buying, super luxurious 600 thread count is available from The White Company and the premium in price is well worth it for the deluxe feel of the fabric.

Do try to include a full-length mirror – and if you have space a large floor-standing one adds a decadent touch.  If you are short of space you can consider adding a mirror on the back of the door.  The ultimate luxury in a bedroom is a large armchair or chaise longue, especially if you have good views from the room.  The chaise below is from Graham & Green and available in 6 luxurious velvet finishes.

Different types of lighting will help to create a good mood in the bedroom. A central pendant light provides general lighting but don’t choose a boring shade.  A large chandelier can add interest here and don’t be afraid to go large when choosing this fitting.  The Glint pendant from CTO Lighting is a useful general light source for a bedroom, with some added sparkle!


Finally the window treatments for the bedroom will add another layer to the finished look.  Heavy curtains can further add to the luxurious feel and will also keep out the light during summer.  For a simpler look use roman blinds which can be made with a blackout lining for a darker bedroom.

This Interiors Q&A first appeared in an abridged form in CityAM

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  1. August 13, 2011 5:52 am

    I agree people need to understand what and how they use their room before the go head long in to buying too often people make mistakes in haste. I have written something of use for people to consider before they leap. this article discusses what you are really seeing and what it means within your bedroom.

    The discusses the difference whilst they way something looks is important how it is made is what will keep it looking that way and therefore this article gives the information you need to be informed

  2. August 13, 2011 5:58 am

    Also to help people understand who is out there in the retail world then I am writing and in the midst of adding to this article., This article gives great questions to ask the person you are seeing and is a point of discussion within the SBID (Society of British Interior Designers)

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