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4 products for 4 rooms – living sleeping cooking bathing

August 22, 2011

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. These are products I have usually specified for clients, so I know they work well. There will be 4 products for 4 different rooms.


We recently ordered the Ola fitting from Maseiro for a client’s entrance hall in their Chelsea apartment.  The hall is a large space and required a feature fitting in a very modern style to make a good first impression.  The fitting is 90cm in diameter and will certainly provide a wow factor when you enter the apartment.


On the same project the client asked for an upholstered bed for the guest bedroom.  We used to provide a Buttons bed for the project that will be upholstered in a Thistle coloured Belgian linen.  The bed should only take 4 weeks to manufacture and is keenly priced. have also provides sofas for the same project.


Many people love the look of a solid surface worktop until they discover the price!  Bushboard provide a much cheaper alternative by providing a similar product in pre-formed worktop lengths.  With the option of under mounted sinks and draining grooves it gives you the look for a fraction of the price.


Sourcing reasonably priced bathroom cabinets that will last is often very difficult to do.  We have recently fitted a Kobe cupboard from Tavistock Bathrooms to a project and were impressed with the quality.  Most of the range is available in 3 finishes, we used the walnut finish to add warmth to the bathroom.

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