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Hastens, the best beds in the world? … the Sleep consultation

October 23, 2011

Hastens have recently asked me to trial one of their beds for 2 weeks and blog about it.  I have known about Hastens for many years so my immediate reaction was ‘oh the people who make those very expensive beds’!  But when you think about it, what value can you put on a good night’s sleep?  We’ve all had the days when we are grouchy due to a lack of sleep – can a good quality bed really have such an influence on our general well-being?

The first task was to attend a showroom for a sleep consultation so my partner and I recently travelled to the Kings Road in Chelsea to the Hastens showroom.  Without realising I was wearing the Hastens check in my shirt – it looked like I was going to fit in!

The first bed we tried, as seen below, is the 2000T II which retails at around £21,000 – the price of a medium range family sized car. The bed is unbelievably comfortable and I think I could actually have fallen asleep right there and then!

Brent from Hastens explained the bed construction, as shown below.  Multiple layers, pocket springs, horsehair layers – it is all very complex, and probably explains why the bed is so comfortable.

We also tried some of the other beds, including the £60,000 Vividus!  Around an hour later – and after also trying a bed in the window directly on the Kings Road – we had agreed on the bed for us.  Medium firmness on one side, with a firmer base on the other side – easily achieved when your bed and mattress is made specifically for you.

Having recently moved into an apartment I previously rented to tenants my current bed is a very simple Ikea bed frame teamed with a very good quality John Lewis mattress. I had thought it was very comfortable – until I tried the Hastens bed.  Will bedtime ever be the same again?

The Hastens 2000T II is due to be delivered on Tuesday and I will try it for two weeks.  Subscribe to our blog updates to see if Hastens are indeed the best beds in the world?

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  1. December 28, 2011 2:28 pm

    £21,000? It’s very expensive. Anyway, I’m curious to see the result. I’ll follow your post.

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