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Hastens, the best beds in the world ?… half way through my trial

October 30, 2011

I am now half way through my Hastens bed trial.  The pressure of getting a good night’s sleep on the first couple of nights resulted in poor sleep. Five nights later I have now settled down and may well be having the ‘best sleep ever’.  To sleep for ten hours a night is unheard for me but I have managed it for the last couple of nights! Having now almost become a convert I thought it would be good to know something about the history of Hastens.

The ownership of Hastens has been in the same family since the mid-19th Century. The company was original a saddlery and back in those days the saddlers also made mattresses. It may be through this connection that the use of horsehair in the mattresses originates.  It is believed that the first mattress was made in 1852 by Pehr Adolf who is the great-great-grandfather of the current owner, Jan Ryde. Five generations later the same principles of manufacturing used in the early days of the business remain.

Pehr Adolf was a true craftsman who shunned any ideas of cutting corners to quickly make money.  He understood that it is a false economy to make poor quality products as your customers would never return.  He wanted his company to earn people’s respect as this would lead to them returning. To this day the percentage of referrals and repeat business Hastens receives is very impressive and far in excess of the levels of many other businesses.

Hastens are very proud of their history and heritage, and their beds are still made the way they have been for over 150 years.  The skills are handed down from generation to generation and Hastens run an apprentice programme to train new employees . Every bed is still hand crafted at their factory in Köping, Sweden and made specifically for the customer who will be sleeping in it.

I have five nights left in my Hastens 2000T II bed. I wonder if bedtime will ever be the same again when I have to give it back?

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  1. October 31, 2011 8:13 am

    I hope they decide to give you the bed, it would be cruel to take it back now you are sleeping so well!

    • October 31, 2011 10:33 am

      That would be lovely … but I think Thursday night will be my last night living the Hastens lifestyle 🙂

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