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SplinterWorks … Functional Sculpture

November 28, 2011

Another discovery at Decorex was SplinterWorks. The fabulous Stiletto was on show and drew in the crowds. From a relatively young company the piece was loved by everyone and will be remembered as a highlight of Decorex.

Started by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington SplinterWorks pieces are all handmade and they enjoy mixing finishes and textures. This is where you will see wood, lacquers, stone, stainless steel etc all working together. Miles & Mark love to cast aside any preconceived notions of furniture you might have, start from scratch and offer an innovative solution. A browse through their portfolio clearly shows this.

The amazing Stilleto desk is constructed in French burr walnut, solid walnut, polished acrylic and nubuck leather. The leg of the table evokes a ‘stacked heel’ stiletto and is hand sculpted from solid layered walnut.  The red sole is covered in polished acrylic. The desk on display had a French Burr Walnut top but this could alternatively be covered with leather. This look would offer a modern twist on a traditional leather topped writing desk.

The Vessel piece is a bath tub unlike any seen before. The suspended bath has the design of a hammock filled with water. The bath tub uses the inherent rigidity of carbon fibre to create an extremely fine finish for the product. Developed for the autosport and aerospace industries this technology certainly helps to add a wow factor to the design of a humble bath tub.

Hopefully we will see more of SplinterWorks fabulous creations as the company grows and they expand their product line. When I have my own swimming pool and I need a slide for it I know who I will be calling!

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