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4 products for 4 rooms … living sleeping cooking bathing

December 5, 2011

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. These are products I have usually specified for clients, so I know they work well. There will be 4 products for 4 different rooms.


Every home needs some special touches added when the decorating work is all done. I often send clients to Iittala if they want to buy some beautiful accessories for their home. They sell the best glass candle holders available in a wide variety of colours. I have just added lilac and dark grey ones to my own collection.


Finding bedroom furniture for clients can often be problematic. There is very little on the market between buying on the high street or going bespoke which can cost £000’s! We recently suggested Chest of Drawers to a client as they are in the middle ground – the furniture is incredibly well made and very stylish but still reasonably priced. We are hoping to use the Caspian range in walnut for the bedroom project.


I have recently discovered this low profile stainless steel worktop from Blanco and am desperate to specify it for a client. Most stainless steel worktops add a highly functional but often chunky look to the kitchen but this one is very different. The worktop is only 12mm thick so adds an elegance very rarely achieved when using stainless steel. This is one of my most favourite recent finds.


We recently specified Hansgrohe shower pipes for a project in Islington. The system is very easy to install and the exposed chrome looks great in the bathroom that has a mixture of grey tiles. The Raindance shower pipes gives you a huge 240mm overhead shower with a smaller hand shower. A fabulous showering experience, but just remember to check your water pressure can cope with it!

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