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What do you dream about?

May 17, 2012

As an interior designer I am in charge of turning client’s dreams into reality. This is often challenging and you have to try to understand exactly what people want. But away from interiors, what do our night time dreams really mean?

This weekend The London Bed Company is offering you a chance to have them analysed and explained. The company is based in Selfridges and as part of the store’s Big Open House Event is offering free dream analysis.

The dream analysis will be done by Emma Leverton who is offering free 15 minute consultations on Saturday the 19th May while you are slumbering on the rather grand Shakespeare bed. This week I had my own dreams analysed by Emma – and it was very interesting.

I learnt that dreaming is like house cleaning, it sorts everything that you have subconsciously seen throughout the day. It sounds very similar to the decluttering I am always telling my clients to do! Everything is put back in the right place and insignificant things are tossed aside. If you dream of people in your past it is purely memory recall, this is interesting as I am always dreaming about people I knew many years ago.

If you want to learn more about your dreams head to Selfridges on Saturday and book an appointment with the lovely Emma – she certainly opened my eyes to the wonder and the power of our dreams.

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