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Design Classic – Moooi Random Light

September 1, 2012

As we head into September and after a short break, our design classic series returns. We have chosen lighting this month and although our chosen classic is a relative newcomer to the design scene, the Moooi Random Light firmly deserves it place in our series.

The Random light was introduced in 2002 so is just 10 years old but it has been a very popular light fitting since its launch. It was designed by Bertjan Pot, a Dutch product designer who has also worked for Established & Sons and Arco. Bertjan says although the Random light looks very simple it actually took 3 years to design and then perfect the production technique.

The process is ingenious – start with an inflated beach ball and wrap resin drained fibreglass yarn around it in a random fashion. When they have finished with the wrapping process the ball is deflated and removed through an opening leaving just the beautiful skin.

The product is available in white or black and the pendant fitting comes in three sizes. Easily manageable for home environments the smaller sizes of 50cm and 80cm diameter are perfect. If you do want to add real impact, and have the ceiling height and space, you can choose the 105cm diameter version.

In 2010 Moooi announced that “for the first time the Random light stops drifting and come down to earth … literally” with the introduction of the Random Floor lamp. Still only available in white or black this fitting includes the latest LED technology. The pendant versions are also now available in an LED version.

The Random Light is also often seen in commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants. I recently saw it used at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel in Ipswich. The fitting works perfectly in the restaurant of the hotel that is a refurbished sail loft with an industrial style.

The continued popularity of the Random Light has helped it to earn a place in our Design Classics series. I personally love this fitting and long to have it in my own home – what do you think?

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