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4 products for 4 rooms

November 12, 2012

I’m running a series of blog posts, each covering product recommendations. These are products I have usually specified for clients, so I know they work well. There will be 4 products for 4 different rooms.


We have recently designed a living room for clients who asked for some glamour. We specified the Mosaic Dapple wallpaper from Zoffany for the beautiful effect it creates. Taking inspiration from Japanese ceramics this wallpaper will shimmer in evening light.


Having loved the Hyannis Port desk from Ligne Roset since it’s launch it was great to finally specify it for a project. We are currently working on a large study project and this desk fitted the brief. The client works from at home on a  laptop so looks were the most important consideration – this desk was a perfect fit.


We started a bathroom project this week using Vado for the taps and shower fittings. The Geo suite of products has been chosen, the client like the square style which will complement the bath and other furniture.


For a charity project we wanted to specify seating for the young adults bedroom so they didn’t have to sit on the beds, but didn’t have the budget for formal seating. Fatboy beanbags received universal approval, the casual style and bright colours definitely appeal!

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