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Porcelain Baking Labels

May 17, 2013

Weekend time often includes baking, especially for creative folks who want some downtime from designing. As few of us have an old fashioned pantry, and with space in our kitchens usually very tight, the keen baker has to organise their ingredients. To keep everything fresh it is a good idea to decent them into Kilner jars – which then need labels. Cue these very neat porcelain labels from Jo Heckett.

4Baking Labels

The range includes six round labels that covers the essential baking ingredients, and they cost just  £3.50 each. They measure 3.5cm and are finished in an on-trend soft grey with a vintage, faded feel and come threaded on with hemp string. The text is hand stamped on the labels and they even throw in a few stars to finish the styling.

Baking Labels

If the standard range isn’t enough for you they will even make custom labels for £7 each – perfect for the super organised cook among us who wants everything labelled! The labels are available to buy online, which ingredients do you need to label?

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