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Nordic House

June 10, 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of anything Nordic. After visiting Stockholm and the Ice Hotel back in 2004 I fell in love with the region. Nearly ten years later I’m lucky to have travelled to Norway, Denmark and Finland – and have bought many souvenirs home too!

I was therefore excited to discover Nordic House recently, the perfect place to satisfy my Nordic fetish. Started by husband and wife team, Sandie and Alan it offers an online haven for anyone needing a Nordic fix.

It was their own renovation experience that led to the creation of their company.  In 2005 they bought a derelict property in Cornwall and when the renovation was complete they spent hours sourcing Scandinavian style pieces to furnish it. The process got them thinking there had to be an easier way, and at the end of 2008 Nordic House was started. Nearly five years later they are a well recognised place for anyone needing a slice of Scandinavian life.

They draw inspiration from many sources, which results in a very diverse range of products and styles. From contemporary design to traditional classics many different looks are catered for. New brands are regular featured too which shows their willingness to share their Scandi love, the couple worked in Sweden so also have this knowledge to draw on when sourcing products. The ever-changing coastal environment outside their window  is yet another great source of inspiration.

Many online shops set their stall and then rest on their laurels but not Nordic House. A great feature of their website is the seasonal finds – their latest summer offerings are perfect for outdoor living. Finally the best news, wherever you are reading this, is that they ship internationally! So head over to the website now and start shopping – just don’t order all the oars, I have my eye on a set of them!

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