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June 21, 2013

I’m off on a short break today so will be travelling to northern Spain for a few days. During the course of the short flight the catering trolley is bound to make an appearance – but it won’t be anywhere near as fabulous as the trolleys offered by Skypak.

Recycled from old airline trolleys the company takes the original carcass and refurbishes it to take on another life. The trolleys are made to your specification so can be anything you wish – I rather like the idea of turning one into a drinks trolley for my own home.


Although these trolleys can be viewed as a novelty the reality is very different, the entire finish and manufacturing process is very high end. If you really want to add some dazzle to your home you could choose the Pure Gold trolley with an exterior finished in gold leaf. Alternatively go super luxury with a trolley covered in 82,000 Swarovski element crystals – it may cost Euro 27,800 but would certain add a wow factor to any interior!


Just like the exterior, the interior can be totally customised. You might choose to fill the trolley with drawers which are available in wood, aluminium or a synthetic material. Or you could choose a combination of drawers and shelves – this would help create that drinks trolley I fancy.

As you take a flight this summer have a look at the airline trolley and just imagine what it could be, then head to Skypak and plan your own custom designed trolley.

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