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Room of the Week

July 25, 2013

With the birth of the Royal Baby on Monday the nursery is really the only place we could choose for our Room of the Week. With Prince George of Cambridge making his arrival this week a lovely blue themed room is perfect for the new Prince.


We are currently working on a nursery project for a boy of 3 years old so this lovely room has given me inspiration. When planning a nursery you do need to look to the future, your child might like Thomas the Tank Engine now but they will have a new favourite in a few months. Try to keep any aspect you think they’ll grow out of limited to the items you can change easily.

Before deciding on a colour or theme for your nursery you will need some essentials. Obviously the cot is the first thing you need to buy before baby comes home. You may also want to buy a changing table and a comfortable chair is also good for feeding time. When you’ve decided on your basics you can then have fun decorating the room.

For boys bedrooms I am a big fan of the wallpaper from PaperBoy Wallpaper. Designed by Victoria Cramsie their range has grown over the last few years and many of the styles can easily be adapted as they become older. The “It’s a Puzzle” range featuring jigsaw pieces would provide a great backdrop to a nursery before you add Thomas the Tank and his friends! Alternatively if you children are slightly older they might like the “D’ya-think-e-saurus” wallpaper which was one of the first Victoria designed, inspired by her own two boys. Other wallpapers include Spitfires, rabbits, horses and even UFOs!

Paperboy Wallpaper

If you choose to stay neutral with your wall choice you can have some fun with the bedding for your nursery. The Little White Company have a great selection for boys, the sailboats and sports themed linens below would add a lovely touch to any nursery. These items can easily be updated in the future as your children grow and their interests change.

Little White

However you decorate your nursery and children’s room remember that they should be fun places they will want to spend time. If you decorate them well they will want to stay in them – and it might just help the perpetual problem of having their toys all over the house!

This room was originally featured in the extensive galleries of House to Home. Take a look over at their website for room inspiration, and be sure to check back here every week to find which one of the rooms has been showcased.

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