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May 29, 2014

While browsing pinterest yesterday for some inspired images for a reception room I am currently designing I stumbled upon a couple of pins my friend Mary Middleton had added to her boards. I was instantly drawn to these paddles by Contact Voyaging Co and had to find out more!

The company is based in Canada (but the good news is it ships to the UK!) and started by Alex Jowett and David Barlett. They are aiming to bring some city style to the country and their paddles certainly do that. Although they are very decorative, some of the paddles are also functional and can be used on the water. With bright colours and symbols there are a great way to add a unique piece of art to your home. The limited edition above represent Sky, Earth, Fire and Water – and in such great colours!

I particularly like the new Semaphore range of paddles. The design of these paddles is based on the International Code of Signals for letters of the alphabet and numbers. If I ever did need to spread the word about A P D the paddles below are perfect – they represent the Alpha, Papa and Delta symbols!


Another favourite is the Feathers range which features patterns from birds of prey. These paddles are made from cherry wood and then painted and hand finished in the Contact Voyaging Co studio which is located in a family cottage in Ontario. The paddles are all 57″ long – that’s 145 cm in European terms!

I’m hoping to add a couple of these paddles to my own home following a kitchen extension later this year. I can see two of the Semaphore range displayed by the new doors to the garden – bridging my new indoors closer to the outdoors. Head over to Contact Voyaging Co now and browse their selection – and do remember they will ship to the UK.

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  1. May 29, 2014 12:27 pm

    Reblogged this on KOTHEA and commented:
    I had to re-blog this just for the unusual image. Obviously contrived (in a nice way) but different nevertheless.

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