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Fancy a Zinc top table?

July 31, 2014

One of the advantages of running a design and build business like APD Interiors is having a great build team in house. It makes renovation work on my own home easier and we always have someone who can get things done!

We’ve recently created an ‘outdoors room’ in the garden of our London home. It’s an area that’s aims to create a more intimate space for entertaining and give us some privacy from the neighbours – well as much as you can in an urban London garden. Having completed the hard landscaping and planting I needed a garden table. I really wanted a zinc top table but the options available to buy were generally more country than town, with wrought iron legs and lots of twirly bits. Really not the style I was trying to achieve. So working together with our carpenter we designed and specified the table which is now in my garden.

The design brief for the table was to create a piece of outdoor furniture that would blend into the new outdoor space, be made of natural materials and be relatively maintenance free. I wanted the table to be able to seat 6 people comfortably, with maybe 8 at a push. The style needed was contemporary, with no wrought iron and definitely no fancy twirly bits. We also had the plan to market and sell these tables to customers after making the first one for my own garden.

I already knew that I wanted the frame of the table to be made in a beautiful wood. I’m a huge fan of natural products, especially ones that will age over time so oak was a great choice for the frame. With a treatment applied to protect it from the elements the wood will gently age and weather over time. The table can be left outside all year round as although I wanted a beautiful table I, like most city based people,  don’t have time to spend treating the materials on a regular basis.

The desire for a zinc top came after visiting a London cafe where they had installed a huge zinc bar where I sat and enjoyed a flat white coffee. The bar top had a distressed patina representing the many people who had stopped there over the years. Over time my table top will also become more distressed and contain a history of it’s own – creating a last impression of the many happy times we hope to spend around the table with friends and family.  Requiring only a quick wipe with a mild soap solution to keep it clean the zinc top is almost maintenance free.

Now that it is sat underneath my 15 year old Olive tree I think the table has perfectly met the design brief. The recent spell of glorious weather in London means the table has already been used for many lunches and dinners and is working really well. The table is teamed with some simple all weather chairs though I do have my eye on adding some bench seating to one side to increase the seating.

We’ve now offering zinc top tables to customers who also want a bespoke solution for their outdoor furniture. We made the prototype 1m x 1.5m which seats 6 comfortably. The generous width of 1m allows you to dress the table for outdoor entertaining without comprising the space for food. If you wanted a larger table the length could easily be extended, or a smaller 1m square table would be good for 4 people dining.

We can also offer a choice of different woods for the legs and frame if you do have a preference. Personally I love the natural beauty of oak but with a good quality stain the wood could take on a different colour or look. As the table is bespoke the design details and final style will all be agreed before production starts. It’s good to know that the legs will detach from the table top which should get over any access problems, especially for urban gardens.

Do drop us an email if you would like to discuss your own table or look at our Contacts page for other ways to get in touch. I’m looking forward to enjoying my own table this summer – let’s hope the sunny weather continues.

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  1. July 31, 2014 9:00 am

    Fabulous table…… VERY clever combination of wood and metal. Good that we are having a wonderful Summer for you to enjoy your garden…..

    • July 31, 2014 1:45 pm

      Isn’t it great to be able to eat outside every night Ann – long may it continue!

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