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The joys of Steam #BlogTourCali

November 12, 2014

For a very long time I have appreciated of the joys of taking a steam bath. From regular trips to the magnificent Porchester Spa in London to the delights of Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall in Helsinki I understand how good for your health steam can be. So when BlogTourCali sponsor Mr Steam added a trip to a spa onto our itinerary I was the first person off our tour bus that day!

The gorgeous Bacara Resort & Spa is located in Santa Barbara and after a short trip up the highway from Los Angeles we arrived around lunchtime for some ‘activity’ – yes, they made us work for our spa! I ploughed up and down their pool for 30 minutes while others took a yoga class by the ocean, Southern California living at it’s best I think. We then all retired to the Spa area where we enjoyed the steam and sauna.

Mr Steam

As the lovely Martha from Mr Steam had explained earlier there are over 40 ways that Steam can improve your life. Some examples from the list include Cleanse the skin; Helps with detoxification; Boosts metabolism and Increases circulation. After a couple of hours in the Spa I was more than willing to believe these and all the other suggested benefits. As we ate lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean it was a moment of perfection – completely appropriate as BlogTourCali was all about exploring Wellness and a Well-Designed Life.

Many homes in the US are now considering the installation of a steam unit. This reminds me of my many trips to Finland where saunas are installed in homes and the family takes a sauna together. It is a very relaxing way to interact with your family members!

At Mr Steam they have developed the iSteam control panel for use in your own steam facility. Seen below it allows you to control your steam experience via an intuitive interface – and there is even an app for your phone! Designed by renowned Industrial designer David Farrage the control sits seamlessly into any bathroom design – you can even head over to the Mr Steam website and start building your own virtual spa.

More and more people are understanding the joys of adding steam into their daily lifestyle. Always wanting to share the love of steam the clever people at Mr Steam have recently introduced a range of products, TALA, to allow you to enhance your experience. We all enjoyed a face mask with Moroccan mud and I’m not sure if I looked younger but I certainly felt it! The full range of TALA products can be seen on the website.

Thank you Mr Steam for supporting BlogTourCali. I think we all appreciated the joy of steam just a little bit more after you explained all the health benefits to it. Now all I need to work out is how to squeeze one of your units into a London bathroom??

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