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DXV, setting the way for a new American Standard #BlogTourCali

November 19, 2014

As I design and specify many bathrooms I’m always interested in viewing new product ranges. Fixtures and fittings often go through many life cycles and we’ve recently seen products in an Art Deco style reintroduced by some suppliers. Also brass and bronze taps have started to appear in bathrooms again.

One of the BlogTourCali sponsors this year was DXV, a new brand that was launched earlier this year by American Standard. The brand celebrates and represents the 15 decades that American Standard has been in business. In many homes across the USA you will find their products, they are known for good and long lasting quality. Many people still have their toilets that are over 30 years ago! I discovered this on our first #BlogTourCali dinner at Petit Ermitage, a rooftop restaurant in Hollywood, which DVX sponsored. I seemed to be the only person without American Standard in my bathroom!


The morning after the welcome dinner we visited their stand at the WestEdge Design Fair. All of the products have been designed and launched within the last 12 months and the product lines currently numbers around 70. They fall broadly into 4 movements – Classic (1880 – 1920), Golden Era (1920 – 1950), Modern (1950 – 1990), and Contemporary (1990 – today).

The Contemporary range of products is my favourite, and features fittings that would easily meet the brief for the European style of bathrooms we design for clients. The Lyndon bathtub has very clean simple lines and makes a beautiful statement piece. With an internal depth of 44cm it certainly lives up to its name of ‘soaking tub’.


Another fitting from the Lyndon range I love is the wall mounted sink. The level of design specification seen on this piece sets it apart from many ordinary sinks. In particular the ceramic drain cap is a brilliant idea. It hides the chrome plug hole and adds a layer of high end detail.

Probably the most fascinating product I saw at WestEdge was the DXV SpaLet toilet – who knew a toilet could do so much? No more worrying about the toilet seat been left up, the seat on this toilet raises itself. It can even work out if a man or woman is using it! The toilet also features a soft mood light so you don’t have to switch on your bathroom light in the night. No need for toilet paper either as the toilet washes and dries you! Also how about a heated seat for those chilly winter nights? Finally flushing is now a thing of the past, the toilet selects the right flush needed therefore consuming water. This is definitely a first class toilet!

Thank you for sponsoring BlogTourCali DXV. I may not have an American Standard toilet at home but I want one now! Head over to their website to learn more about their full range.

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