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Room of the Week

March 9, 2015

This week’s Room of the Week is a smart bedroom which features a modern panelled wall. Traditional style panelling has been given a contemporary look by finishing it in a dark grey. The monochrome scheme dominates the room but it is softened by adding bright orange furniture.

A monochrome decorating style is easy to pull together but you need to add some details to make it a successful scheme. Pattern and texture are key to doing this. Try to ensure you have a mixture of textures in your room, this room features stripes and patterned fabric – and textures in the dark bedspread and leather chair.

One of my favourite darks is Lamp Black from Little Greene. I’m not a fan of really dark greys that are almost black for walls, they are too dull and dead for my interiors. I prefer to lighten it up a few shades but still be firmly on the dark side. Lamp Black meets my criteria, it’s perfect if you want to go dark in style – I’ve just specified this colour for a master bedroom project.

Little Greene : Lamp Black

Adding other colour to a monochrome room by the use of furniture adds another level of detail to the room. It is also provide you with another aspect of your decoration scheme to pick up. The new cube range from Kelly Hoppen is available in a range of sizes and styles, and over 10 colours. If you’ve chosen a grey scheme the orange or pink cubes would be perfect for adding a pop of colour.

Remember to plan your own monochrome room carefully to ensure it is a success. Try to include different textures and some pattern – add a splash of extra colour – and your room will be a winner!

This room was originally featured in the extensive galleries of House to Home. Take a look over at their website for room inspiration, and be sure to check back here every week to find which one of the rooms has been showcased.

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