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Farrow & Ball launch 9 new colours

February 1, 2016

Just when you’ve got to grips with Down Pipe, Hague Blue and Elephant’s Breath the team at Farrow & Ball now have 9 more amazing colours for you to choose when decorating your home. Launching today Inchyra Blue, Worsted, Drop Cloth and 6 other stunning colours will be the names you are asking your interior designer for in 2016.

Farrow and Ball

Over the last couple of years we have seen blue shades return to favour. Beige is considered boring, many people are now tired of the grey shades (though personally I still love them!) and they want something explore different tones. One of the new colours launched today Inchyra Blue would make a very striking addition to any home. With a history of originating in Inchyra House  in Perthshire this colour can be seen there on the impressive byre in the grounds. Shown below the colour is teamed with Worsted to create a contrasting interior style.

Farrow & Ball - Inchyra Blue

As I said I’m still a huge fan of grey shades, especially if chosen carefully so your home doesn’t look like the interior of a battleship! Two of the new colours Peignoir and Worsted are shown below in a classic interior. With Peignoir on the walls and ceiling it creates a good framework for adding other shades and tones to your interior. This new colour is a grey with a good mix of pink that provides warmth and romantic appeal to a room. Marry this shade with some of the stronger colours from the Farrow & Ball range and you’ll have a look at home in both classic and contemporary interiors.

Farrow & Ball - Peignoir

Soon to be giving Elephant’s Breath and Dove Tail a run for their money Drop Cloth is another new colour launching today. I love this as a strong base colour for an interior when going lighter would be just too safe and predictable. Combining this colour with strong yellows and oranges as demonstrated below for a really colourful interior.

Farrow & Ball - Drop Cloth

You can find all the new colours above on the Farrow & Ball website and more information on the colours not featured, if you are a huge fan of greens do have a look at Yeabridge Green. For the next 9 weeks you have a chance to win 5l of paint from Farrow & Ball by sharing your favourite new colour on social media using the hashtag #myfavouritenewcolour. Head over to their website to find out more information and then start sharing online.

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