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Broste Copenhagen

March 15, 2016

So I have this secret obsession with crockery. For me having lots of options when serving food for both casual suppers during the week and also for weekend entertaining makes me deliriously happy – it’s sad but true. So it’s looks like I’ll be adding the latest collections from Broste Copenhagen to my shopping list very soon.

Embracing typical Scandinavian style the new ranges will help you recreate the simple Nordic look in your own home. The region is famous for the ‘Hygge’ they create, there isn’t really a literal translation but it means the warm and cosy atmosphere found in Scandinavian homes.

The Nordic Sea and Nordic Sand crockery range is my favourite. With colours of the North Sea and the sand found in the Nordic region they have a simple elegance and a soft colour palette. I love the uniqueness of each piece, who wants to be matchy matchy perfect anyway?

Broste Copenhagen

The Modern range has been a Broste favourite for a while and now we’ve got some new pastel colours to choose from. This is the perfect range to use as we head to summer entertaining – well at least if we have the right crockery it’s a start, I can’t promise the good weather though!

Broste Copenhagen

Another collection from Broste Copenhagen that I love is Esrum, which offer a more structured collection than the organic style of Nordic Sea and Nordic Sand. I really love the strong base colours that feature in this range. The pieces give you a good opportunity to combine them with other colours and finishes to create an interesting dining table.

Broste Copenhagen

Take a look online at the full Broste Copenhagen collection, I’m off to find out what my kitchen cupboards want … or should that be need?

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  1. laramoore986761265 permalink
    June 22, 2016 3:24 pm

    This crockery is so beautiful! I love that it isn’t all matchy matchy but still feels like it belongs together.

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